Thursday, January 30, 2014


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Westchester County exec testing gubernatorial waters

WHITE PLAINS – Republican Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino was in Albany earlier this week meeting with officials of the state Conservative Party testing the waters for a potential gubernatorial run this fall.

Astorino said he will announce his decision one way or another by the end of February, but on Wednesday he sounded like he was in the race when he said the state is in bad shape.

“New York by every metrics is falling back – the highest property taxes, the highest income taxes in the country, the most people leaving our state than any other state in the country, high unemployment rate, most corruption and when you add that to the worst business climate in the nation, things are not going well, and that is what everyone has to ask themselves,” Astorino said.

Donald Trump, who has been an on again, off again, presidential candidate, has hinted that he may run for governor. Astorino said his own decision will not be based on what Trump does this fall.

Whoever runs, will have a battle on their hands with Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo.