Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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Central Hudson warns customers of bill payment scams

POUGHKEEPSIE – Recent bill payment scams targeted at resident and business customers has Central Hudson issuing an alert. Many of the scams are nationwide, but local customers should be aware of them, utility officials said.

Recently several Central Hudson customers have been called by a person claiming to be with the company, telling them their account is past due and that they should pay through a pay-back money card and that if the instructions are not followed, they could face the shut off of their utility services.  Residents have also been called by someone claiming to be with a national collection agency working on behalf of Central Hudson and attempting to obtain a payment over the phone by credit card.

Central Hudson never requests bill payment in that way and has notified the police of the scams.

If there is any uncertainty regarding those phone calls, customers should hang up and call Central Hudson for confirmation.