Thursday, January 9, 2014


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Governor outlines agenda for 2014

ALBANY - Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his 2014 State of the State Address on Wednesday, outlining a sweeping agenda which builds on the success of the last three years to change the direction of New York State: reducing spending below inflation and personal income growth for the first time in 40 years, transforming a $10 billion deficit into a $2 billion surplus, reducing unemployment in all ten regions of the state, creating nearly 400,000 new private sector jobs (the highest job creation in the state’s history), improving the state’s credit standing with all three rating agencies, increasing exports by 15% and delivering on longstanding progressive policies that have made our state safer, healthier, and fairer for all New Yorkers.

The Governor’s agenda for 2014 continues this progress: controlling spending while cutting taxes to create jobs and make the state more affordable for families, expanding successful economic policies and rebuilding infrastructure, making bold new investments to transform classrooms and improve the quality of education for all students, and continuing to fight for equal rights and opportunity for all New Yorkers.

“Three years ago, we pledged to make the government work for the people of New York, transform our economy by reducing taxes and attracting business, develop world-class schools that give every student opportunity, and make New York a progressive leader once again,” Governor Cuomo said. “Today, we have hundreds of thousands more private sector jobs, a lower unemployment rate in all ten regions of the state, schools that are held accountable for our children’s success, safer communities, more affordable healthcare and a fairer, more just state. This year, we will build on that success. For 2014, we have put forth the most comprehensive plan for the future of New York yet. This agenda will grow the economy and provide fiscal relief to taxpayers, give our schools the classrooms of tomorrow, reimagine infrastructure across the state to face the new climate reality, and take steps to make our communities safer, fairer, cleaner and more progressive. Working together, we will continue to move New York forward.”

The full State of the State message can be found here.

Governor Cuomo outlined several initiatives, including:

Tax Relief:

  • Freeze Property Taxes for Working Families:
  • Create a Property Tax “Circuit Breaker” Based on Ability to Pay:
  • Provide Tax Relief for Renters Facing Significant Housing Burdens:
  • Additional Tax Relief to Boost Manufacturing:
  • Corporate and estate Tax Reform:
  • Joint Executive-Legislative Commission to Reduce Regulatory Barriers on Business:
  • Bring World-Class Destination Resorts to Upstate NY, including appointing a Gaming Facility Location Board

Health and Safety:

  • Launch a Medical Marijuana Program to Research the Feasibility of Medical Marijuana in NYS:
  • Continue the Fight for the Women’s Equality
  • Ethics Reform:
  • Protect Students Against Discrimination and Harassment:
  • Stop Repeat Drunk Drivers:
  • Continue to Crack Down on Youth Texting and Driving:
  • Continue to Expand Opportunities for MWBE Businesses:
  • Promote and Grow Businesses Owned by Disabled Veterans:

Transforming New York’s Schools

  • Launch the Smart Schools Bond Referendum:
  • Encourage the Best and Brightest STEM Students to Stay in New York:
  • Reward the Most Effective Teachers:

Reimagining New York for a New Reality