Monday, January 6, 2014


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Region gets very brief respite from brutal cold

NEW YORK – Residents in southeastern New York State who woke up before daybreak enjoyed balmy temperatures around 50, albeit with rain.  That won’t last long.  Temps will fall rapidly during the day, to around freezing by afternoon.  That could cause some icing. 

Near zero temperatures are likely tonight, with little warm-up tomorrow.  The good news is a more significant January thaw is likely by next weekend.

The storm that dumped several inches of snow on much of the state on Friday had lingering effects over the weekend.

Delta Flight 4100 from Toronto with 35 passengers skidded into a snowbank while turning onto a taxiway at John F. Kennedy International Airport after landing safely on Runway 4R-22L.  No injuries were reported.  Flight operations resumed about two hours later.

Port Authority Police and emergency crews assisted passengers and towed the plane from the airfield following the incident, which occurred shortly after 8 a.m.