Monday, December 30, 2013


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Binghamton to issue RFQ for comprehensive parking study of downtown

BIGNHAMTON – The Board of Contract & Supply approved the release of a request for qualifications (RFQ) to conduct a comprehensive parking study of downtown Binghamton. The parking study will assess existing conditions, existing demand, future demand, user experience, and create a strategic plan for operation & development.

"We have fulfilled our promise to our residents, local businesses, and community partners to conduct a comprehensive downtown parking study," said Mayor Matt Ryan. "This RFQ is the needed to start to this process, and with a sustained commitment with our partners, we can continue our efforts towards creating an urban core that is vibrant, livable, safe, and sustainable.”

The goals of the study are to:

  1. Review and assess the existing and future demand of all public parking resources, including parking ramps, parking lots, metered and non-metered/on-street locations
  2. Analyze operational relationship between existing parking resources and vehicular, public transit, pedestrian, and bicycle resources that are currently located or in use within the central business district
  3. Identify deficiencies and barriers, presented by or associated with the public parking resources, that limit access or inhibit circulation within or throughout the central business district, especially in relation to existing commercial business, residential, governmental, and recreational land use within target area
  4. Describe and propose new strategies that will either mitigate deficiencies or provide and promote optimal conditions for continued growth and development within the central business district, in a manner that is consistent with public interests as referenced, described in the municipal Comprehensive Plan or related sources.

The City believes there’s ample parking downtown at this time, however, a perceived lack of parking stems from a perception issue that parking ramps are magnets for crime and aesthetically unpleasing, and the desire for parking directly next to every store and restaurant. The City also welcomes perceived parking pressures as a good sign that the City’s vision for a revitalized downtown as a livable, urban neighborhood is being realized as outlined in the 2003 Comprehensive Plan, 2005 Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan, the 2010 Commission on Downtown Development Final Report, and Blueprint Binghamton, the ongoing update to the city’s Comprehensive Plan.