Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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North Amityville man suspected of at least seven knockout assaults to be arraigned

RIVERHEAD - A North Amityville man will face charges of attacking men in “Knockout-style” assaults of at least seven men, two of them over the age of 65, in an indictment to be unsealed tomorrow in Riverhead.

Darryl Mitchell, 20, of Jefferson Avenue pled not guilty to four counts of third degree assault at his arraignment following his arrest by police December 4.  Mitchell is currently incarcerated in lieu of 50,000 cash bail. 

The facts of the four assault charges share common denominators; the attack is unprovoked, it is sudden, the victim is punched in the head, usually the face, the assault occurs in broad daylight and the attacker immediately flees the scene.

On November 10 in a daylight assault at approximately 3:00 p.m., victim Lawyer D. Jones told detectives saw the defendant aggressively walking toward him.  “Mitchell appeared so menacing to Mr. Jones, he left the sidewalk to walk on the street near the curb,” Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota explained.  “Unfortunately, giving him leeway didn’t prevent the attack.  Mitchell ran up Mr. Jones and punched him in the right eye, cutting his eyelid so badly the wound required seven stitches to close.”

The Knockout assault of James Graves, 69, in North Babylon, occurred around one o’clock in the afternoon on November 30 on Williams Street.  “Mr. Graves was looking for his toolbox in his car trunk when he heard the suspect approach him from the rear,” the District Attorney said. “When Mr. Graves turned around, he was punched twice in the head.  He told us he spent a couple of weeks with horrendous headaches.”

“On December 1 Mitchell is suspected of attacking two other men in separate assaults on the North Amityville street where he lives,” said Spota.   “At approximately 7:30 am, the victim, Jose Payero, 66 years old, was walking on Jefferson Avenue when the defendant ran up to him and punched him in the face, breaking Mr. Payero’s glasses,” the DA said. 

“Around a half-hour later, Orlando Vasquez was walking to church on Jefferson Avenue.  He told detectives the defendant ran up to him and suddenly punched him in the face multiple times.’  “Mr. Vasquez said he fell to the pavement and the defendant kicked him in the head”, Spota said. 

The defendant will be arraigned on a grand jury indictment today.