Monday, August 26, 2013


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Boy dies of injuries sustained in boating accident

LAWRENCE – A ten-year-old boy caught in the propeller of a large boat during a recreational accident on Friday died Saturday.

According to police, the victim went tubing with a friend’s father, who was operating a 27 foot boate, in in Reynolds Channel, along with five other children (ages unknown at this time). 

When the victim fell off of the tube, the operator stopped the boat and the victim swam towards the boat.  As the victim attempted to enter the boat, his left leg got stuck into the propellers.  The operator was informed by his son that the victim was under water.  The operator held the victim’s life vest, at which time the victim informed him his leg was stuck in the propellers.  Witnesses rendered assistance until the Nassau County Bay Constables responded and were able to free the victim’s leg.  Lawrence Fire Department’s marine unit transported the child to the foot of the Atlantic Bridge, where he was then transported to a local hospital by the Inwood Fire Department.  

The victim has succumbed to his injuries early Saturday.

The vessel was transported to Nassau County Marine Bureau base for further investigation.  Detectives report no apparent criminality at this time.