Saturday, May 11, 2013


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Freshman lawmakers plan to introduce bipartisan term limit bill

WAPPINGERS FALLS –  They have been in office for less than six months, but two Assembly members are talking about limiting how long they can be there.

Kieran Lalor (R- Fishkill) and Senator Terry Gipson (D- Rhinebeck) announced bipartisan legislation to institute term limits for both houses of the legislature. 

The plan was borne out of a compromise, Lalor said.

“The Senate would move to a four year term”, Lalor said. “Twelve years would be a maximum amount of time you could spend in one house, either the Assembly or the Senate, but a total of 16 years would be the maximum you could serve combined in both branches.”   

Lalor had been pushing an eight year term limit idea.  Gipson proposed a 12 year limit so they combined the two with a maximum of 16 years total.”

Lalor conceded it might be a tough sell in the Assembly since he is a member of the Republican minority in the heavily weighted Democratic house, but he said he will seek a Democratic sponsor to carry the bill.