Saturday, March 2, 2013


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Woman faces 65 years in federal prison for long-term fraud scheme

WHITE PLAINS – A woman, who listed her mailing address as a private school in Tuxedo Park, pled guilty in White Plains federal court to a three-count indictment charging her with devising and operating a scheme to defraud individuals and entities of hundreds of thousands of dollars in accommodations, goods, services and money.

Alicia Holmes, 49, who lived at addresses in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Maryland and elsewhere, pled guilty to wire fraud, mail fraud and providing a false address in furtherance of fraud. She faces up to 65 years in federal prison when sentenced.

Over a four-year period, Holmes made false representations to hotel managers and staff, real estate brokers, property builders, homeowners, and school administrators, among others, through emails, telephone calls, and letters claiming that she owned or was in the process of buying high-end properties including homes valued at $6.2 million and $17 million. She also claimed she had assets of great value that she would gain access to shortly; required financial assistance from the victims until she had those assets; and maintained she would use their money to purchase those properties.

Holmes did not have or reasonably expect to have access to assets or great value, did not own any high-end properties, and knew that her representations were false at the time she made them.