Saturday, February 23, 2013


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Special tax assistance available to people impacted to Superstorm Sandy

NEW YORK - U.S. Senator Charles Schumer called on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide additional Sandy- services for taxpayers in areas that were seriously impacted by the storm  In response to questions about tax treatment of Sandy payments or losses, the IRS has created special assistance hours and a Saturday Open House to taxpayers . The locations for these services are currently in neighborhoods that were not necessarily impacted by the storm. Schumer today called on the IRS to provide these Sandy-services to taxpayers living in neighborhoods including, but not limited to,  the Rockaways, Gerritsen Beach, Coney Island,  the North Shore of Staten Island, Island Park, Massapequa, Mastic Beach and Lindenhurst so that the residents who were impacted by the storm can easily commute to the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

“Home and business owners impacted by Sandy can get some relief through the tax code, but far too few actually know how,” said Schumer.  “The IRS has the right idea in providing these services at their taxpayer assistance centers, but these services should be located in the hardest hit neighborhoods to maximize the benefit.”

Many New Yorkers are eligible for tax deductions based on their itemized losses due to Superstorm Sandy. In order to help affected residents better understand this process, the IRS has extended hours and added a Saturday Open House at their Taxpayer Assistance Centers. Services provided will include assistance with IRS Notices, tax debt, tax liens help with current year tax return preparation, and more. Individuals will have the opportunity to work directly with IRS personnel and ask questions about the tax treatment of Sandy payments or losses.

Schumer today called on the IRS to make sure these services are readily available to residents who were seriously impacted by the storm and to add these services in neighborhoods like the Rockaways, Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Staten Island, Island Park, Mastic Beach, Massapequa and Lindenhurst. Schumer commended the IRS for making these services available, however, noted that many individuals are still feeling the hardships incurred by the storm and cannot easily commute a far distance to access these taxpayer services. Schumer explained that on Long Island, there is currently only one center available and it could take an individual from Suffolk County hours to access that site. Schumer made the case there should be more centers and these centers should be in areas seriously impacted by the storm.