Thursday, February 7, 2013


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Westchester County man charged with killing his wife, in Pennsylvania, over two years ago

HONESDALE PA – A man who claimed he found his wife shot to death and then was attacked, himself, by an intruder, is now charged with his wife’s murder in their Pennsylvania home, in October 2010..

Prosecutors in Wayne County PA charged Robert Jufer, 71, of Hastings on Hudson, with a single count of homicide, following the lengthy investigation. 

According to reports, inconsistencies in Robert Jufer’s story did not add up, including claims that he was attacked by the murderer.  Reportedly, no sign of significant injuries were found.

Investigators also pinpointed the weapon used to kill June.  It was one of more than 100 firearms owned by her husband. 

Robert Jufer was arrested at his Westchester County home on Wednesday.