Thursday, January 24, 2013


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Port Authority leaders recognize achievements of its police force

ALBANY - The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey leadership today recognized 37 members of the Port Authority Police Department during a promotion ceremony in Elizabeth, N.J. Three PAPD officers also received awards for meritorious service in the line of duty.

Chairman David Samson, Executive Director Pat Foye, Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni, Chief Security Officer Joe Dunne and Superintendent Michael Fedorko presided over the ceremony. Four police inspectors as well as several lieutenants, sergeants, detectives and police officers are among those promoted.

In addition, leadership recognized Matthew Vogelman and Patrick Carroll of the PATH command for their actions on March 30, 2012 that resulted in the removal of an illegal handgun from the streets. They also awarded PAPD Officer Frank Emblen for his actions during a car stop on the George Washington Bridge that resulted in the arrest of two suspects and the seizure of 1,500 bags of heroin and 40 bags of marijuana.

Vogelman, Carroll and Emblen all received the Meritorious Police Duty Medal, which recognizes “outstanding performance by sworn members of the Port Authority Police for their performance during a specific incident.”

“I congratulate all the exceptional men and women of the PAPD who are being promoted today,” said Port Authority Chairman David Samson. “They have shown the desire, skills and professionalism required to earn leadership positions in the PAPD. We look to them, and all their colleagues on the PAPD, to continue to fulfill the critical mission of securing some of the most vitally important transportation facilities in the world and ensuring the safety of the millions of people who use them.”

“The men and women of the PAPD put their lives on the line each day to protect those who use our facilities,” Port Authority Vice Chairman Scott Rechler said. “I am honored to recognize these 37 men and women for their ongoing commitment to public service and safety.”

“As someone who has spent more than three decades in law enforcement, I am honored to recognize the men and women of the PAPD for their commitment to the safety of our region,” said Port Authority Chief Security Officer Joseph Dunne. “Every day the members of our police force protect millions of people who use our airports, tunnels, bridges and PATH system. I applaud them for carrying on the PAPD’s long and storied tradition of serving the traveling public.”

“Over the past 84 years, the men and women of the Port Authority Police Department have consistently shown their unwavering bravery and dedication to public safety during many of our nation’s most trying times,” said PAPD Superintendent Michael Fedorko.

During the ceremony, the Port Authority Police also presented a Certificate of Appreciation to members of the Sea Gate Police Department for rescuing Hannah Winkler from her Brooklyn home during the height of Hurricane Sandy. Waves from the storm split Mrs. Winkler’s home in two, trapping her and her elderly brother in the house. Winkler is the widow of the late PAPD Officer Bertram Winkler who died in the line of duty in 1972.

Created in 1928, the Port Authority Police Department has nearly 1,600 uniformed officers and commanders with full police powers in both New York and New Jersey. Its responsibilities include law enforcement and ensuring the safety and security of the Port Authority’s airports, seaports, tunnels, bridges, PATH system and the World Trade Center site.