Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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Man charged with sicking dog on cops

KINGSTON – An Olive man has been arrested by Kingston City Police after he set his dog on officers on Sunday.

In the end, both the man, identified as David Smith, 32, of Bonnie Brea Lane in Olive, and his pit bull dog, were both Tasered by police and when that didn’t subdue the dog, an officer shot and wounded the animal.

Smith had been walking with the dog in the area of Broadway and Field Court and as an officer approached him to take him into custody on an outstanding warrant, Smith released the dog at the officer. The officer radioed for assistance and when other officers arrived, they attempted to contain the dog and arrest Smith. The animal attacked several officers and bit one in the hand. He was treated for his injury.

After a lengthy struggle, officers deployed a Taser and took Smith into custody and when they Tasered the dog, it continued to attack. That’s when it was shot. The animal survived and was taken to a local animal hospital for treatment.

Smith has been charged as a result of the incident with felony assault and misdemeanor resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration and criminal mischief.