Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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State Senate approves gun control bill; Assembly passage expected today

ALBANY – The State Senate late Monday night approved a gun control bill.  The vote was 43 to 18.  The Democrat controlled Assembly is expected to easily pass the measure sometime today.

“Tonight, the senators that voted for the NY SAFE Act of 2013 made a bold statement, coming together in a bipartisan, collaborative manner to meet the challenges that face our state and our nation, as we have seen far too many senseless acts of gun violence,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

Opposition in the Senate came from some Republicans.

Senator William Larkin (R- Cornwall-on-Hudson) said the bill was “too restrictive on our legal, law abiding gun owners and does not adequately address the issue of illegal weapons and their use during the commission of a crime.” He said gun violence “will not be stopped by restricting lawful, honest gun owners. It is career criminals and their access to illegal weapons that are the main problem facing our cities, towns and villages – not people who support the Second Amendment.”