Friday, January 4, 2013


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Information on Hurricane Sandy relief activities by charities

NEW YORK – The Attorney General’s office announced that his office has posted information online detailing charitable donations raised for Hurricane Sandy relief. To date, 88 charities have responded to surveys sent by the Attorney General's Charities Bureau requesting information on amounts raised and spent for Hurricane Sandy relief in New York, the services and grants provided and plans for any surplus funds.

Full texts of the responses received are posted on the Charities Bureau's website,

"The generosity of the public and the hard work of charities in response to Hurricane Sandy is inspiring. As we continue to monitor charitable activities related to Sandy relief, it is essential that nonprofit organizations operate in the most transparent way possible," Attorney Genereal Eric Schneiderman said.

The five charities reporting the most contributions and pledges are:

American Red Cross

 $188 million

Robin Hood Foundation

 $67 million

The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City

 $45 million

Empire State Relief Fund

 $15.4 million

The Salvation Army, USA Eastern Territory

 $14.3 million

The 88 charities that have responded to the survey reported raising approximately $400 million for Hurricane Sandy relief.

In total, these five organizations reported raising approximately $330 million for Hurricane Sandy relief. The other 83 organizations reported raising $77 million; a small portion of this amount includes grants from other organizations on the list, which means some money is reported twice.

The Charities Bureau will request updated information and post it online in the upcoming months. It also plans on seeking more detailed information on fundraising and spending as it continues its review.

Any complaints concerning charitable activities relating to Hurricane Sandy should be sent to the Charities Bureau's dedicated Hurricane Sandy email address:

Tips for donors supporting Hurricane Sandy relief, as well as financial reports of charities, are available on Attorney General Schneiderman's website, at