Monday, October 8, 2012


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Poughkeepsie man shot to death in Israel after he kills man

JERUSALEM – A Poughkeepsie man, who had been involved in a work-study program in Israel, was shot and killed at a Red Sea hotel after he shot and killed a chef, authorities said.

The local man, identified as William Hershkovitz, 23, of Dutchess County, had been fired from the Leonardo Club Hotel in Eilat days before. Police said he entered the hotel on Friday, grabbed a gun from a hotel security guard and fired several shots, killing the chef, 33-year-old Abed Armando.

Special forces surrounded the building and police said after Hershkovitz shot at them, he was shot and killed.

The gunman had arrived in Israel about two months ago to participate in a program that combined Jewish studies, travel and work at the hotel with a hotel management college course.