Weekend, August 21-22, 2010
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New York State continues initiatives to “connect, create, collaborate”

ALBANY - The New York State Chief Information Officer/Office for Technology (CIO/OFT) announced today the launch of two new programs designed to advance New York State's Empire 2.0 Social Networking Strategy.

CIO/OFT launched a new website, The Empire 2.0 Center of Excellence, a one-stop Center that provides resources and tools about social media and Web 2.0 technologies and their best practice uses in the industry.

Features of the Empire 2.0 Center of Excellence website include:

  • A "Resources Section" to provide step-by-step guidance on implementing Web 2.0 technologies. This section features tool kits to help plan and create a social media technology strategy and web pages.
  • An "Interactive Forum Section" to participate in informal conversations to engage with other social media technology users in open and engaging dialogues about Web 2.0 technologies. Here you can post questions and offer suggestions.
  • A "Blog Section" maintained by CIO/OFT. Here you will find cutting-edge information on social media technology activities and happenings across the state enterprise, around the nation, and even around the globe.
  • A "Calendar of Events" to keep you informed on upcoming social media events.
  • A "Repository of Articles" to give you one place to access information on the most cutting-edge industry and government practices in social media technologies.

Whether you are a citizen, a state agency, an academic partner, an IT provider, a business, or a visitor to our great state, the Empire 2.0 Center of Excellence website creates opportunities to create, communicate, collaborate and share information on Web 2.0 technologies," said Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, NYS CIO and Director of the Office for Technology. "This website is very useful for those who try to understand the new world order of blogs, tweets, feeds, wikis, and other social media tools. Even the frequent user of social networking tools will find the site valuable."

Kristin Proud, Deputy Secretary for Human Services, Technology and Operations said, "The Empire 2.0 Center for Excellence website is a tremendous resource that promises to pave the way for state agencies to seamlessly blend Web 2.0 tools into their everyday operations, resulting in more efficient and effective government. By utilizing these tools, we are opening up new avenues for communication with individuals who may not be comfortable visiting or calling a government office to find out what programs and services may be available to them."