Friday, March 14, 2008
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Metropolitan Transportation Council unveils its vision for regional growth

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NEW YORK - “Sustainability” and “managing congestion” have become more than just buzzwords as the New York metropolitan area prepares for dramatic population, economic and travel growth over the next two to three decades.

A million more people are expected to live in New York City by 2030, two million more when Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley are included, and four million more in the 28 county, tri-state metropolitan region as a whole. 

Planning officials say this growth will undoubtedly lead to more congested roadways, buses, trains, and even sidewalks.  The substantial growth could severely strain the transportation system, threatening to add significant costs in time and money to moving people and goods, and could diminish both environmental quality and quality of life throughout the region.

To help the region thrive in the face of this expected growth and manage anticipated congestion, the Council Members of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council have for the first time in NYMTC’s 25 year history come together to describe a vision for guiding regional growth, with a focus on 10 desired growth areas.

While clearly not a development plan for the whole region, and recognizing that much of the anticipated growth will occur outside of these areas, the council members focused on these 10 areas because optimizing growth there through strategic transportation investments will accommodate significant growth in a sustainable fashion and help manage anticipated congestion.  There are five desired growth areas in New York City and one each in the five adjacent counties.

The five areas in New York City are: Hudson Yards and Lower Manhattan in Manhattan; Downtown Brooklyn; and Long Island City and Jamaica in Queens. 

The areas in the five suburban counties are:  Nassau Centre in Nassau County; Hauppauge/Brentwood (which includes the Sagtikos Regional Development Zone) in Suffolk County; the cities and centers of development along a transit-enhanced Interstate 287 corridor in Westchester County and in Rockland County; and Route 311 at Interstate 84 in Putnam County.