For wrestling fans, Olympic wrestling provides much to root for and talk about. Following is a conversation from The New Jersey Wrestling Forum Facebook page:

On August 2 at 10:43 a.m. Patrick Eichner posted, “I know this is sacrilegious and my buddy Glenn Hall Sr will yell at me but…I find Greco to be boring”

Don Murphy posted, “I agree 100%”

Lynn Pohl responded, “Add me to the will be yelled at list–I love Folkstyle over FS & GR–and, I love good old boring RIDING ! Don’t like let em up and take em down and flip em over at will for 2 each time”

Patrick Eichner replied, “agree”

Patrick Eichner then stated, “Lynn Pohl the only time I like “take em down and let em up” style is when you need to make a statement, like Burroughs over Winston in Philly. You knew what he was doing and why but still didn’t believe your eyes. The changing of the guard indeed!”

Lynn Pohl added, “I like ride em and turn em and hold them there for more than a second–only thing I like in FS is the pushout rule–I don’t like wrestling the edge”

Patrick Eichner said, “totally agree. Something majestic about being up by 1 and riding a guy out.”

Carl Winshel responded, “Enjoyed watching dake ride molinaro in NCAA finals. Don’t enjoy take down and let him up”

Steve Alpaugh stated, “The thing I don’t like about FS is leg laces that become 8 point moves and a wrestler can completely dominate a bout, th d n gets leg laced ot gut wrench Ed in closing minutes and it’s over. I hate 30 second bouts due to a takedown and leg lace. I do love the push out rule.”

Jim Shields commented, “Lynn Pohl the boringness of greco is only surpassed by riding time/stalling. I enjoy HS rules the best if you are not working for a fall you are stalling.”

Glenn Hall replied, “Patrick Eichner Has to Agree if you’re watching the best go at it, if you watched so GR at Fargo you might change your mind. {Get Mad at U, “NEVAAR”

Glenn Hall then said, “Patrick Eichner I have been to Three GR Cadet National Duals, Four Jr GR Duals & the GR World Team Trials, believe Me at that Leval it is not as Boooooring as you might expect. You are judging something that you see every “FOUR” Years, not saying that doesn’t Qualify you to Judge GR but

Rob Kulessa added, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

Chip Griswold III replied, “Variety is the spice of life! All three styles contribute to the accomplished grappler.

Patrick Eichner responded, “I agree with that statement Chip but would prefer to have Greco as a “training tool” than a tournament.”

Chip Griswold III then commented, “Patrick Eichner

  1. Folk
  2. FS
  3. G”

Patrick Eichner agreed, “exactly”

Edward Gibbons posted, “Chip Griswold III 1. Folk

  1. Folk
  2. Folk”

Stephen Friedman added, “Chip Griswold III that be me”

Andy Cy commented, “1) folk 2) jiu jitsu 3) judo 4) freestyle 5) greco”

Jim Eggie also agreed, “No shit”

Jeffrey Parker noted, “Greco-Roman skills may not be exciting to the novice eye. However it takes a great deal of strength and skill to be successful at this discipline as in all wrestling.”

Frank Salerno posted, “I don’t find it boring but I agree it does not appeal to fans when they are only exposed to it infrequently. That’s tough to overcome because without any background understanding, it can come across as unexciting.”

Joe DiBiase added, “greco is the worst, like watching paint dry,AND I love most other forms of the sport, it needs to go. FYI I am not saying it isnt diffucult!! Just boring”

Sharon Stoll said, “Greco-Roman was interesting until they instituted to rules. Some of the competitors still are more aggressive but too few.”

Sharon Stoll followed up with, “New rules”

Anthony Ferraioli commented, “You guys apparently never wrestled Greco !! Very technical, strength , conditioning, just a different form !!”

Stephen Friedman posted, “Folk free” and a GIF that says “It’s like watching paint dry.”

Dommy Rome replied, “And they keep blowing the damn whistle- stopping the action”

Michael Rastelli added, “I’d rather watch a tied soccer game, or paint dry than Greco-Roman wrestling. I still watch it, but I can’t stand it. I couldn’t stand Greco practices at my club in high school, much to the chagrin of my club coach, Vern Zellner.”

Raymond Miro responded, “Michael Rastelli Soccer????

Bet Posey posted, “I love Greco. But my boys loved it too. I loved watching them. But watching the olympics last night, I was at a total loss watching the scoring. They stopped and started so many times and watched video and had a cocktail break. Not sure that I like the scoring part. It probably changed years ago and Since I rarely get to see it much anymore, I didn’t know. But they took away far more than they gave last night. Not the athletes. But the officials.”

Stephen Friedman commented, “The refs are like WWF refs”

Ben Scasserra added, “Stephen Friedman refs are horrible!!!!”

Stephen Friedman replied, “Ben Scasserra not sure of any scoring, penalties, or anything, therefore can’t comment. If Greco is all there is then might have to watch other competitions”

Ben Scasserra then said, “A chess match.”

Roy Dragon replied, “I enjoyed wrestling Greco but watching it is tough. It also seems that the higher the level the less scoring.”

Doug Kroeger posted, “I like it when both wrestlers are wearing headgear. Then I know that I know the rules.”