On June 28, at 5:45 a.m. Kip Charles posted on The South Carolina Wrestling Room Facebook page:

“Do you know that feeling your wrestler gets when they walk into their local South Carolina tournament that has four or five mats set up? Well, after Fargo even the states look small. It could be one of the reasons why so many young people that go to Fargo come home and perform exceedingly well. It’s still not too late if you want your wrestler to experience this.”

Joe Lovier replied, “Gee, that’s neat.”

George Dixon replied, “There are plenty of tournaments that take place on multiple mats. Super 32 on 26, NHSCA Nationals on 40+, NHSCA National Duals on 51, most NuWay tournaments on 20+, Tyrant Wrestling tournaments on 15+ and WAR tournaments on 10-15 mats. There are a lot of “off season” opportunities for wrestlers to get mat time at “big” tournaments. Personally I feel that Fargo is the pinnacle for freestyle and Greco-Roman while the pinnacle for folkstyle is the Super 32! The bottom line is getting out there and getting it done!”

David Maholtz replied to Dixon’s comment with, “George Dixon God I hate saying this on public forum…. but I agreed 100% with george on this one”

Kip Charles replied to Dixon’s comment, “George Dixon lets get them to them all.. I completely agree.”

The Wrestling Whisperer added, “George Dixon Having coached and competed at the Fargo level I’ll explain why Fargo is different than the tournaments you listed:

1: Freestyle & Greco Roman are two different styles that add too &. expand technical wrestling abilities. They both can carry over to Folkstyle.

2: Both styles expand the ability to compete against higher levels of competition both nationally & internationally. And at a young age internationally.

3: Many of your top NCAA Champions & All Americans have a expanded wrestler IQ in Freestyle & Greco that separates them experience wise when they compete in Folkstyle.

4: Freestyle is a faster pace style and a lot of technique has carried over to Folkstyle, while Greco focuses on inside control wrestling, body attacks & throws that also have technical transitions into Folkstyle

5: Both Freestyle & Greco Roman styles ultimately lead into having a head start training on the Senior level for the Olympics.

6: If the top high school kids in the country are training in 3 styles of wrestling and yours only one, eventually you see the gap in competition at the college level D1, D2,D3.

7:Finally, the top colleges at all levels go to Fargo to recruit. That’s D1, D2, D3.

Jennifer Wingard commented, “Kip Charles I appreciate you giving our boys am opportunity like this. I know for one my son had a great time practicing on Saturday and is excited about going to Fargo. Thank you again!

Kip Charles replied to Wingard’s comment, “Jennifer Wingard It’s pretty amazing watching these kids transform right before my eyes. Everyone is getting better.”

Jen Griffin-Richey Hornsby posted, “Kip Charles thank you for everything. I am excited for these kids and how much they are learning”

Kip Charles replied, “Jen Griffin-Richey Hornsby, they are, and at a fast pace it would seem. The environment is ripe for learning, and growth is inevitable. I can’t wait to see what their regular season looks like. They will all be better wrestlers for sure Freestyle & Greco will only compound their success.”

Seth Allen wrote, “Fargo was a great experience for me as a youngster.”

The Wrestling Whisperer replied to Allen with, “Seth Allen spread the word, it will only improve an athletes wrestling.”

Chris Brock added this comment, “Fargo makes a statement that all major programs/coaches want to hear. Kid’s commitment is real and wrestling is life. There is no other tournament that is as Indicative and predicts the future on a national or international level. The world medalists and Olympians make it there via Fargo. Not absolute, but generally speaking.”

Bailey Wilkins posted, “The best trip I’ve been on no doubt. It definitely makes all the other National tournaments easier to compete at. Not everybody will get the results they want but one key thing I learned is when you are done wrestling, soak it all in. Watch the wrestling, there’s a lot you can learn by just watching how the top guys compete.

You definitely get better by competing there, but the training leading up to it is what benefits you the most. Different looks, different partners, and just the overall fun you have between sessions. I’ve made lifetime friendships on this trip. So if you’re debating on sending your kid, it is a must.”