One hot topic of conversation on social media in Florida is the status of girls wrestling as a high school sport.

Joseph Swirble posted on The Florida Wrestling Room Powered by Florida Pride Wrestling on June 9, 2021 in response to an article titled FHSAA: Beach volleyball gets greenlight, girls wrestling tabled (note that the below quotes are not corrected for grammar/spelling and are quoted on ESN exactly how matters were posted on Facebook)

“Anyone have some insight into FHSAA reversing their decision to sanction girls wrestling?”

Here are some responses to the post:

Brad Oversmith said: “Someone must have had deep pockets”

Mark DeAugustino said: “Wow…….. Really?……….. Way to step up to the scale/mat for our girls FHSAA……. Someone needs to be a leader. FHSAA you are proving that you don’t know how to be a leader…. Sad news…”

Zane Turnipsed said: “guess Title IX only counts when it comes to screwing over wrestling in college not helping it in high school.”

And another ongoing conversation focuses on allowing middle school students to participate on high school teams, which is sometimes utilized in wrestling to help fill out the lighter weight classes.

On The Florida Wrestling Room Powered by Florida Pride Wrestling, on June 8 2021, Evan Layne posted in response to the FHSAA proposal to block middle school athletes from participating in high school sports:  

“Good for the sport or No ?

Love to hear both sides of the argument.”

 Here are responses:

Omah Sang responded by saying, “I think it’s bad for the sport. Most middle school athletes that compete in wrestling are lighter weights that’s aren’t dominated by upperclassmen. In other sports the kids have to be pretty special to be put on the field/court. Kid phenoms are a special part of athletics.”

Joe Blasuci responded to Omah by saying, “This whole argument is stupid. Remember this these are pre high school kids beating 16-19 year Old high school kids. Whats unfair about that?? We had 12 and 13 year Olds in the state finals. Anyone that makes an excuse for losing to little kids in a high school sport is sour grapes you all sound likes crybabies. More excuse parents. Every reason any of your kids lose is because of someone else’s fault..always remember your kids feed off you whether strong or weak…this is weak.”

Omah replied to Blasuci saying, “Joe Blasuci keep drinking. You must be completely sh!!! faced at this point. I am FOR middle school kids competing. So are you arguing with yourself? You should read the article and the responses when you are sober to understand what this conversation was about.”

Brad Oversmith said in response to the original post: “Only lazy and over privileged a-holes would request for a better, younger, more deserving , hard working middle schooler to not compete so some Rich worthless puke CAN have their varsity spot. This shouldn’t come as a surprise this is how our country is ran. LAZY don’t wanna work and let’s use money and nonsense to hold anyone back our kids so the go along get along GAME people can even exist. All sports, corporate and government is ran this way. If I seen these middle schoolers getting trashed and was unsafe I see why but that doesn’t and won’t happen they usually are better if not they definitely work harder, and become more successful than ones that waited until 9th grade. Tired of seeing worthless people get in way and make it harder for kids cause the Older kids can’t beat a hard working middle schooler and their coaching staff and wrestlers afraid to put in work. That’s only reason you don’t want a deserving kid to participate. Them kids get no special treatment have to work extra harder and in most cases the ones out there are better. We need to ban the athletic association if they even waste time looking at this. In.1930 maybe when we didn’t know any better I get it today your just a a-hole if you are saying it’s unfair.”

And finally, a post that received no response:

On June 7 2021, on Florida Wrestling News And Events, Shannyn J. Gillespie posted, “Why do athletic/sport leagues around the globe separate the genders in competition?

That question is the theme of this article and the short answer appears to be a competitive advantage.  Below, will discuss several issues that wrestling enthusiasts are also faced with when males compete with females after puberty…” 

Although this was a great post, no one commented.