If you are looking for a fun and insightful radio show, you won’t need to look far. It is called the Wiseguyz Show, and no it’s not about the mob – but you never know who their guest might be.

It first aired in 2014 on DDVRadio and is also available on DDVRadio on Tunein, on Free DDVRadio App and streaming Live on The Wiseguyz Show Facebook Group page and syndicated on other multiple networks.  You may be reading this and saying, “Hey, wasn’t there another show with a similar name?” Yes, there was one co-hosted by the late John “ChaCha” Ciarcia which ended in 2009.  His show was broadcasted from his restaurant “Cha-Cha’s” in Little Italy. The developing cast of the Wiseguyz Show asked ChaCha for permission to run a spin-off of The Wiseguy Show. He was all for it and hence the birth of the show.

“Cha Cha supported us 100%.  He even called into the show from time to time to join in with us right up until his passing. He is our/my inspiration and a big part of my strive to carry this show to a greater level. Without his advice there wouldn’t even be a Wiseguyz Show. He will always be a part of our show in one way or another. He will always be remembered and honored throughout our existence. May God Rest his Soul. He was an amazing man, a true mentor and my NY Little Italy Zio. I Miss Him every day. This is why the name The Wiseguyz Show,” said Freddy the Fireman.

The show has a diverse cast of characters; Freddy The Fireman, Jumpin Gennaro, The Chicken Man of Alcatraz, Italian Singing Sensation Biagio, Mini Peter KISS of Mini KISS, Joe Cannoli, Mike The Magician, Rob The DJ, Bubble Gum Gangster Billy Gagootz, SandAntonio The Engineer, Annette The Talent Coordinator and Anthony The Photographer. There also those who lend a hand to the show like Actor Randy DeOrio, Boxer Bobby Czyz, Comedian Mad Dog Mike Jenkins, Jerry The Plumber, Nicky Whispers, and The Sicilian Sleeper.

The show focuses on current events as they at times put a comedic spin on those events. They are also actively involved in promoting benefits / charity events. The cast has offered their time to Hosting festivals, entertainment events and have done many Live Remote Show Specials. Since its inception there has been a string of celebrity guests on the show. Whether they are an A thru Z list guest the show does not discriminate.

So far, they have had the likes of Eric Estrada, Larry Wilcox, Jerry Mathers, Chuck Wepner, Big Ange, Lt Col Michael Waltz, Vinny Paz, Ray Mercer, Mic Foley, Judy Torres, Burt Young, Fasciation, Bobby Czyz, Mo Vaughn, Mike Marino, Tony Saragossa, Bernard Kerik, Greg Valentine, Lee Haney, Amanda Bearse, Rick Cerone, Taylor Dane, Billy Van Zant and more.

According to Freddy the Fireman they are soon to be taking the show to another level. He believes the show can serve as a key media source for mass information to the public. Also, as a conduit for those looking to promote themselves and for organizations looking to advertise their events on a large scale.

Their facebook group page has already reached 20,000+ solid members and still going. They are always gearing up to work on charity events like Autism, Cancer, Lupus, Anti-Bullying, Heritage, and Special Needs.