Are you afraid to admit you are a Republican?  Of course you are—particularly if you live in a state or work in an environment whose politics are blatantly Democrat or progressive.  A woman, who was employed in a health care organization in Vermont, reported that she was terrified to admit that she was Republican, let alone that she voted for Trump.  As a director of a medical facility, after the 2016 election, she had to stand by while people cried on her shoulder because “Hillary had lost.”  It did not occur to her coworkers and employees that she could be possibly anything other than Democrat.  She noted that the best day of her life was when she retired and announced at her retirement party that she was a Republican!

This is exactly why, not only the 2016 polls were wrong, but the 2020 ones are as well.  Trump is an iconoclastic figure; anathema to most women and it is difficult, if not impossible, for women in particular to bring themselves to admit that they will vote for Trump.  His prior attitude toward and treatment of women, his misguided tweets; his childish name calling and the myriad other actions attributed to the narcissism of this man are difficult, if not nearly impossible, for women to reconcile with a decision to vote for him.

It is irrelevant the educational level of a woman or where she lives as whether or not she will vote for Trump.  His coarseness and abrasiveness is equally as offensive to a high school graduate as it is to someone with a master’s degree; to a woman living in the suburbs or rural America. Yet, at his massive rallies, there are substantial numbers of women waving signs and chanting “lock her up,” or “send them back,” but these women, as their male counterparts, represent Trump’s base.   However, there is the quiet majority of women who do not attend these rallies or raise banners in his support and are grimacing at the thought that they will be going in 2020 to the polls and secretly voting for a man that makes them cringe.

And why is this? Because the alternatives, despite Trump’s assault to their sensibilities, are anti-American; anti-capitalist; and practice identity politics.  Should you be pro-life, there is not one candidate in the top of the crowd of Democrat candidates who supports some limitation on abortion and what happens to the fetus, if this human is accidentally born.  These same candidates decry the detention centers for illegal immigrants, while the homeless in cities throughout the country governed by progressives are rapidly increasing; living in unsanitary conditions on the streets; and riddled with disease, psychiatric and substance abuse problems.  They tout the “green new deal,” while they fly from state to state campaigning and decry millionaires and billionaires, while they own two or three houses, some of which are enclosed by fences to keep undesirables out.    They scream “socialism” as a solution to society’s problems which is merely big government paternalism controlling its citizens.  They want Medicare for all, which results in rationing of medical care, particularly for the poor.    They openly brag about breaking Federal law, smoking marijuana and “inhaling,”  while marijuana is just another way of numbing the brains of our country’s citizens, letting their rights and freedoms go “up in smoke.”   They blame Trump for the recent attack on the citizens of El Paso; while it is their rhetoric of open borders; decriminalization of illegal immigration and free healthcare for non-citizens at the expense of American taxpayers that are actually inciting the sick response to their proposals.

Although Trump appears to lack sensibility, his economic, social, defense and foreign policies do make sense and are working,   And it because of this, that those of you who cannot bring yourselves to publicly support Trump, will privately in the polling stations throughout the country, vote “yes” for his policies, if not for the man, in 2020.

Temple Li is the news editor for Empire State News, where she frequently authors her own editorials (just because she feels like it). She graduated at the top of her class at a mediocre college, infuriating her professors with her conservative wit and sultry charm. Empire State News allows Ms. Li to make a living, and to have a platform to tell people what she thinks. What could be better than that?