As more truth is being released to the American people the mainstream media is loosing it’s strength and integrity. The New York Times, the Washington Post and now ABC News organizations tried their best to downplay a very suspicious meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac at Phoenix in June 2016. This was discovered in another slew of emails the other day. It just so happened that this information surfaced right in the middle of the FBI’s investigation into the disappearance of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Lynch and Bill Clinton claim it was a chance meeting, where they discussed family matters.

FBI Director James Comey recommended that Hillary not be charged with any crimes even though he blasted her handling of her computers. It’s ridiculous that when questioned, Hillary offered the same nonsensical explanation that Bill used when discussing the tarmac meeting. She said the missing emails were only about daughter Chelsea’s wedding. And yoga. Are American’s not able to see that the same response has been given by politician husband and wife regarding different circumstances? Apparently the Clinton’s think the American people are stupid.

Why is it that mainstream media is focusing so much on what Trump and his associates might have done with Russia during the campaign meanwhile Hillary and what she already did to put the country in jeopardy is being ignored or forgotten altogether? This article doesn’t take any side in politics it merely posses the question what are The Times and The Washington Post and almost every other network ignoring or trying to get us to forget?

The House Judiciary Committee asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into the Hillary email situation, about a week ago. Much to Trump’s dismay, Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation to give another look into Hillary’s emails. This move could be very embarrassing for the Democrats so no wonder why we haven’t heard anything about it in the press. The Democrats and media’s “resistance” to Trump could end up backfiring on them. Perhaps our current President has something to hide, but what’s more important is that the Democrats definitely have something big to hide and it must be addressed before we move on to other issues. It is never wise to block out one issue and deal with the possibility of another that might not even exist.

The issue of Hillary’s emails have caused several problems already. The fact that they are not “missing,” even though everyone thinks they are, could be the biggest problem. They could very well be in the possession of American intelligence agencies. Spies spy on each other. So the Russians stole Hillary’s BlackBerry password a long time ago and were reading and copying her mail. What some don’t realize is Hillary’s emails are bound to show up if Congress would just persist with an investigation.

Another problem rises when we look at Comey. He didn’t tell the whole truth about his investigation of Hillary. He said the decision not to charge her with a crime was unanimous inside the FBI, even though it wasn’t his place or job to decide that. Dozens of agents worked on the case and you cannot get unanimity from a group that size. None-the-less, Comey wasn’t really talking about all the agents agreeing. Reliable sources say that on July 5, 2016 it was actually only four people who decided to let Hillary off the hook. This was also days after the tarmac meeting. Three out of those four people’s motives have now been called into question.

Where is this in the news?