Justice For All, starring multiple Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees, has just completed its principal photography, according to Kenneth Del Vecchio, the movie’s writer/producer. The film, a narrative feature that delivers a fictional courtroom battle, is directly based upon the allegations of several women who lobbed sexual harassment claims against former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes. The brainchild of Del Vecchio – a prolific filmmaker who has made over 30 movies, written several best-selling novels and legal books, and an attorney who has tried hundreds of cases and formerly served as a judge – Justice For All is an ode to the Al Pacino classic …And Justice For All.

“The film has that same theme, one of seeking justice within the courts, as …And Justice For All. Our movie is a little tighter to the courtroom setting, however. Although a large component of it is outside the judicial walls, a much greater portion of it takes place inside the alleged halls of justice. Also, our film is as much a dark comedy as it is a courtroom drama.” Del Vecchio’s longstanding production company, Justice For All Productions, ironically, shares the name with his new movie.

Who is starring in Justice For All?

Del Vecchio won’t say exactly. But in an exclusive interview with Empire State News (the first given to any news outlet), Del Vecchio confirmed that the movie indeed stars “a selection of household names including some who have won and been nominated for Oscars and Emmys.” Del Vecchio’s previous movies have been distributed by industry leaders such as Anchor Bay, Millennium Entertainment, Cinedigm, Screen Media Films, and NBCUniversal.

A frequent legal/political analyst on Fox News and other major networks (who also routinely serves as a legal expert for Empire State News), Del Vecchio said, “This movie is certainly going to cause a lot of outrage, so nobody is seeing the script or getting too many specific details until I premiere it opening night at my film festival.”

Does he really mean “nobody”?

“No,” Del Vecchio said, “If Roger Ailes and his wife, Elizabeth Tilson Ailes, want to join a private screening of it, I will gladly have them as my guests.”

Del Vecchio also noted that the movie may be sold before his film festival premiere, as he will “allow certain film distributors and sales agents who request private screeners to view it for sales purposes.” Del Vecchio added that everyone involved is compelled to sign an “NDA” – that’s a confidential non-disclosure agreement, where those who breach it “will definitively face civil legal consequences.”

What’s this film festival premiere?

Del Vecchio is the founder and chairman of Hoboken International Film Festival (“HIFF”), called by FOX, Time Warner and other leading media “One of the 10 biggest film festivals in the world.” The New York Daily News recently published an article about HIFF with the headline “Conservative movie goers find the right stuff at Hoboken International Film Festival…in the blue state of New York.”  Justice For All is slated to be HIFF’s 2017 Opening Night Movie, on May 19. It will be a special, non-competition screening given Del Vecchio’s ownership of HIFF.

“I can’t win an award at my own film festival,” Del Vecchio said, “There would be no justice in that.” The festival is now held on the beach at Greenwood Lake, New York.

There are currently two other projects about Ailes being bantered about in Hollywood: a TV miniseries anticipated from Blumhouse Television, and a movie from Annapurna Pictures (based upon a pitch they recently grabbed from The Big Short’s writer, Charles Randolph). Neither of these projects, however, is anywhere near the level of completion as Justice For All. On the book side, Gabriel Sherman, a New York Magazine reporter, wrote The Loudest Voice in the Room, a blistering attack upon Ailes; Sherman’s book is the source material for the Blumhouse miniseries. Ailes, himself, authored a book with Jon Kraushar, You Are the Message: Secrets of the Master Communicators; the work is a best-seller.

Is Del Vecchio’s movie favorable to Ailes?

Justice For All intricately examines the real-life facts of the sexual harassment allegations made against Roger Ailes by several women,” Del Vecchio said, presumably indicating some high profile former and current Fox News employees. “The law is discussed in layman, easy to understand terms and applied to the facts. The analysis is even-handed, with the cases being examined from both viewpoints. And a fair and just message is, no doubt, handed down.”

The filmmaker/former judge – who was also the first Congress candidate in the country to endorse Donald Trump – added, “It’s also damn funny at times. And there are some bizarre characters. The actors, including me, had a blast with this one. And, oh, it has a powerful, twist ending that assuredly no one will see coming.”

In a prior Empire State News article about the Ailes allegations, Del Vecchio, serving as a legal analyst for the piece, stated: “The two most important words in the dictionary as related to both business and personal life are ‘loyalty’ and ‘jealousy’… Loyalty, of course is the best word, and jealously is the worst. Roger Ailes has been the deserved benefactor of the former and a serious victim of the latter. This gentleman is a Renaissance Man, and there are scores of successful media personnel who owe him the greatest of gratitude for launching and mentoring their careers. His false accusers should go to hell.”

Some may like to tell Del Vecchio to go to hell. He is the quintessential “say what you mean, mean what you say” guy. And he has a penchant for making inflammatory remarks. He is a tough, hard, perhaps brash, person. Some say that he is obnoxious and outlandish. He refers to people as “nude” if they are “cool”, and “non-nude” if he thinks they are “not cool.” His recent rival in his campaign for Congress often remarked that Del Vecchio is “bombastic.”

Conversely, many are quite fond of Del Vecchio. Legendary actor Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas; Nixon) called Del Vecchio “an extraordinary man.” Two-time Academy Award nominee Charles Durning (Tootsie; The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) exclaimed that “Kenneth Del Vecchio would make a great president!” Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts (The Expendables; The Pope of Greenwich Village) stated that “Kenneth Del Vecchio is the only judge I ever agreed with in personal conversation. He’s got some great views about freedom and liberty…and he’s a little bit nuts!” TV star Joyce DeWitt (”Three’s Company”) declared that Del Vecchio has “a vision and concept based on excellence and integrity.” Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia (Scarface; Big) said of Del Vecchio: “The man is honest. Hard-working. Talented. And oh so intelligent.” And U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer – yes, the top dog Democrat from New York – proclaimed, “Del Vecchio is a man you can see, with the movies he is involved with, with the friends he has, he has a great mind and he also has a big heart.”

It looks like Roger Ailes and the vast majority of the Fox News family will probably feel very similar about Del Vecchio, as they likely will be quite happy with his movie. Others, however, may not.