“The two most important words in the dictionary as related to both business and personal life are ‘loyalty’ and ‘jealousy'”, so says Kenneth Del Vecchio, a man Empire State News has profiled as a modern-day Renaissance Man for his accomplishments as an acclaimed filmmaker of over 30 star-filled movies, best-selling author (novels and legal books), chairman of one of the world’s largest film festivals, and former judge, who has also tried hundreds of cases as a practicing attorney. “Loyalty, of course is the best word, and jealously is the worst. Roger Ailes has been the deserved benefactor of the former and a serious victim of the latter. This gentleman is a Renaissance Man, and there are scores of successful media personnel who owe him the greatest of gratitude for launching and mentoring their careers. His false accusers should go to hell.”

Del Vecchio doesn’t mince his words. The women who have levied sexual harassment-type allegations against Ailes have, very likely, doctored words – and actions – as pathetic efforts to grab sizable monies, publicity, and perhaps retaliation against Ailes for business matters that have nothing to do with carnal engagements; these women certainly have not been loyal. The mainstream media who has proliferated the very dubious and unsupported accounts is clearly doing so out of jealously.

Roger Ailes hasn’t just been a star in the press world. He has been the biggest of super stars. Ailes is the mastermind behind the nation’s most successful news network, Fox News Channel, bursting the conservative media outlet onto the scene in 1996. Then, after handpicking and cultivating the network’s original anchors and reporters (which included some of the most profound names in the business such as Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly) he quickly skyrocketed Fox News to number one in cable news ratings. But, as with most successful self-made professionals, Ailes himself didn’t come out of nowhere. A lengthy prodigious history in television led to Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who owns Fox News Channel, in entrusting Ailes with heading his brainchild operation.

After entering the small screen scene in the early 1960s at Philadelphia television station KYW-TV, Ailes moved on to serving as an executive producer of one of the country’s most popular talk shows, “The Mike Douglas Show.” In that capacity, he was nominated for a 1968 Emmy.

From the late 1960s through the late 1980s, Ailes served as a chief political and media advisor for multiple presidential campaigns. Each campaign was successful, with all the candidates ascending to the presidency: Richard Nixon. Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Bush.

Ailes served as the CEO of Fox News Channel from its 1996 inception through 2016. In 2005, Murdoch also named him Chairman of the Fox Television Station Groups, making him the leader of one of the largest and greatest empires in the history of TV.

In 1988, Ailes authored a book with Jon Kraushar, You Are the Message: Secrets of the Master Communicators. The work went on to become a best-seller. And Ailes was the inspiration for a novel, Pursuit of Darkness, a writing which wasn’t necessarily meant to be favorable toward him but nonetheless shows the impact Ailes has upon his foes–they seek to fictionalize him.

“There’s a lot to be jealous of here. And the very weak-minded in the media world have succumbed to their most evil feelings and so wrongfully assaulted Ailes with baseless reports,” said Del Vecchio, who has served as a frequent legal/political analyst on Fox News and other networks. “There’s no evidence to support the allegations against Ailes. There’s no video, audio, electronic or written evidence to buttress the sexually related claims. You would think that these women, who all are part of the media, would have something in that regard if their stories had any validity. But no, they don’t.”

As Del Vecchio pointed out, there also is no eyewitness testimony nor any admissions by Ailes nor any physical evidence. “It’s the same thing that Donald Trump is suffering from,” said Del Vecchio, who was the first U.S. Congress candidate to endorse Trump. “Meritless accusations blasted by specious star mongers, and propagated by jealous and hateful mainstream media creatures. It should be noted that substantially more people who know and have worked with these men, have rallied behind Roger Ailes and Donald Trump, and passionately refuted the allegations as falsehoods.”

In response to the allegations against Ailes, Hannity said, “Talk to the hundreds of women at Fox that I talked to this week on air and off. They say it’s all BS.”

Numerous other colleagues of Ailes jumped to his defense, finding the allegations unbelievable, including but not limited to many Fox News personalities such as Jeanine Piro, Ainsley Earhardt, Martha Maccallum, Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Sandra Smith, and Brit Hume.

What has Ailes been accused of? And by whom? Well, there are numerous stories floating through the throngs of the press and Internet. Given the existence of the so-called “rape shield laws” that protect the identities of those who accuse others of sexual assault, Empire State News will honor the spirit of these laws and not mention the names of the gals who have whipped up claims against Ailes. This, of course, is not out of respect or deference to these women as they have already outed themselves; there’s just no need to give them or their unsupported dribble any more publicity.

Ailes is the one who should be protected here, because he is the true victim. A pioneer in the news industry, he has been grossly mistreated by many of his industry colleagues, so a shield should be put up for him. False allegations need to be deflected against the rabid, fabricating accusers, with lawsuits concluding in rightful wins for Ailes–and the media-ites who lustfully and enviously denounced him should meet a reckoning of losses in their already-low ratings.