Here’s an interesting release, written in a police-report-fact-pattern style:

Kate Riviello, animal rights activist and former Port Jervis, New York council candidate was the stabbing victim in an incident that occurred on July 24, 2016. Annabelle Nay surrendered to authorities on the night of the attack. Riviello states that she was in her thrift shop in Matamoras, PA, when Nay appeared at the shop and stated that she was homeless. Riviello called the police who came and left. She states that she then called the local “Empowerment Center” in Port Jervis and her boyfriend. But no one called her back. Riviello states that Nay stayed in the shop for the afternoon but when it got late, she offered her to stay at her house for a couple of days. Riviello states that she introduced her to two of her neighbors as someone she was helping get a job at Kolmar.

Riviello states that after getting her settled in the guest bedroom, she took a business call. Nay was in her house for almost an hour when Riviello asked her if she wanted something to eat. Riviello walked to the kitchen from the office area and bent over the dishwasher. Riviello states that Nay shattered a corked wine bottle over her head. She was able to stay standing and turned around at which point Nay had grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her in the stomach. Riviello states that her defense skills kicked in and she was able to grab Nay’s right wrist with her left hand and twist her around, however, as she did this, she was stabbed three more times in her left arm. Riviello then bit onto her face and held on as she poked into both of Nay’s eyes. Riviello was able to unlock the kitchen door and push her outside.

The cameras outside showed Nay holding the bloody knife in the air and adjusting her vision. She then threw the knife in the neighbor’s yard as she fled. She surrendered by calling the police from the Erie Canal pub. Riviello called 911 and was rushed to Orange County Medical Center for major surgery to stop the bleeding to save her life.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has requested 12 years with 5 years probation for Nay pleading guilty to First Degree Assault. No trial has been set and sentencing is scheduled for Thursday, November 10th. Riviello states that if she had not had self defense techniques, the first responders had not gotten there within 60 seconds, and the Orange County Trauma Team were not available, she would be dead and that Nay should receive every bit of the 12 years recommended by the DA’s office. She is concerned that Judge Brown might allow a lesser sentence. She will be speaking at the sentencing.

Riviello, a paralegal by trade, just filed the first lawsuit in history that equates a child to a dog in the state of Iowa. She has filed the first criminal complaints of veterinary negligence and corruption against New York Animal Care and Control in Manhattan. She also filed the first legal response in history incorporating the “one drop rule” as an argument to end Breed Specific Legislation against pit bulls. She also filed the first lawsuit in history against the NYPD for not enforcing animal cruelty law.