The Democratic National Committee functioned as an arm of the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign throughout the primary. The release by Wikileaks of more than 20,000 DNC emails makes that point abundantly clear. It wasn’t shocking the Hillary and her friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz were in cahoots, what was, is the level of opposition game planning that was engaged in against Bernie Sanders.

Anyone should be shocked that in this day and age, Democratic Party staffers actively considered going after Sanders’ Jewish heritage. One wonders how that revelation plays in former Connecticut Senator and Democratic Party candidate for Vice President Joe Lieberman’s household?

The raw antisemitism exhibited in the bowels of the Democratic Party apparatus demonstrates that hate is alive and well in the political party that brought us the Ku Klux Klan and Bull Connor.

And one wonders if Clinton Vice President Tim Kaine knows how to say Taco Bowl in Spanish since that appears to be the official DNC designation for Hispanic outreach. Imagine the uproar on Univision and Telemundo if the same disparaging racist language was used inside the RNC? Oh yeah, we don’t have to imagine as we saw the faux anger when Donald Trump tweeted a picture of a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo.

While it is not a surprise that those whose policies are devised to keep the economically depressed dependent upon a big government that they run would hold their subjects in contempt, the revelation that the DNC was up to its hips in manipulating hate-filled anti-Donald Trump rallies was more important.

Rather than an organic uprising, the violent anti-Trump rallies were instead the ultimate in Astro-turf complete with paid protesters, angry anti-cop Black Lives Matter marchers, anarchists and Mexican flag waving separatists all acting as part of a DNC black ops plan.

The failure of these protests to show up at the Cleveland Republican convention can be directly attributed to the changed politics of protest in the wake of various police shootings around the nation. Suddenly, turning Cleveland into Chicago of ’68 did not make political sense, and the DNC spigot for the top down politics of division and grievance got turned off.

So, the Democrat Convention goes on this week and Hillary hopes that Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of her candidacy will bring along the grassroots of the party that rejected her in the primaries. It won’t.

Unlike the elites in the GOP who reject Donald Trump but have little grassroots following, Bernie Sanders’ supporters believe that the primary system was rigged against them, and the DNC emails confirm that suspicion. Sanders supporters rejected Clinton largely because of the ooze of corruption that envelops everything she touches, and the DNC emails reinforce that they were cheated.

In November, Hillary will need the enthusiasm and turnout from Bernie Sanders’ supporters after crushing their voices through the DNC. The Green Party’s candidate for President Jill Stein has got to be the happiest candidate on earth as those voters naturally flow to her campaign.

They say that in the 21st century, political parties don’t really matter much anymore, but in 2016, the Democratic Party may be the reason that Donald Trump becomes President. With all the media attention given the internal GOP struggles, this DNC/Clinton corruption backfire would be the ultimate irony.

The author is president of Americans for Limited Government. You can read more articles from Rick Manning at www.getliberty.org.