Libraries are important to the overall quality of life in our communities. They are places to explore, discover and engage. To help enhance their services, Senator Terrence Murphy is pleased to announce that four libraries in the 40th Senate District have been awarded more than $144,000 in public library construction funds from the State Aid for Library Construction Program.

“Our public libraries are important social institutions that provide education, job search resources and internet access for the community. It is equally important they receive funding to upgrade their facilities,” Senator Murphy said. “These renovations will increase accessibility for people with disabilities and provide patrons with a more up-to-date facility.”

John Fearon, Director of the Mount Pleasant Library, added, “We are going to concentrate on renovating our rest rooms by making them more user-friendly for the public. These areas are exposed to heat, cold, constant use and a variety of other causes that accelerate deterioration. We want our rest rooms to be safe, compliant and comfortable.”

The funds are from $14 million in capital funds for public library construction provided in the 2015 State Budget for construction and renovation of public library systems in New York State. The Legislature has earmarked $19 million for projects in the 2016 State Budget that will be announced in Spring 2017.

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