The New York State Senate today passed two bills that would cut taxes for farmers bringing them millions of dollars in tax relief. The bills sponsored by Senator Patty Ritchie (R-C, Heuvelton) would continue to help preserve the future of family farming in New York and boost the agriculture economy.

Senator Ritchie, Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, said, “From putting fresh food on our tables to generating billions of dollars for New York’s economy and supporting thousands of jobs, the hard work done by family farmers across the state is invaluable to our economy and our future. If we want to continue to see the benefits of their hard work, we need to take steps to support them. These bills will help by cutting the cost of doing business, strengthening farmers’ bottom lines and helping to keep family farms in business, from generation to generation.”

Senator Ritchie and members of the Senate Republican Conference unveiled their 2016 Planting Seeds initiative earlier this month which builds upon key elements of the Senate Republicans’ successful Young Farmers and Grown in New York programs that have been enacted over the last five years. It would: restore funding to 40 agricultural programs that were cut in the 2016-17 Executive Budget; provide research, education, and marketing assistance; create new tax and regulatory relief; advance initiatives to expand markets, promote quality, and increase food safety; and create job opportunities for veterans and others interested in farming.

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