Members of the Assembly Minority Task Force on Heroin Addiction and Community response issued ‘The Heroin Epidemic – A Report on Heroin Use, Treatment, Prevention & Education Efforts in NYS.’ The report, based on testimony from local officials, law enforcement, health care providers, recovering addicts, and parents of addicted individuals, provides insight into the economic and emotional havoc heroin addiction wreaks on families, communities and the task force’s recommended solutions.

“People in communities in every corner of the state are desperate for solutions to the heroin epidemic that is tearing apart families and taking lives too soon,” said Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C-Canandaigua). “Heroin addiction affects people from every demographic, in every community, and it is our responsibility to fix it. As lawmakers we need to work together to create solutions that will prevent people from getting addicted by coming up with a comprehensive plan that focuses on prevention and treatment of opioid and heroin addiction.”

Heroin addiction is a problem that must be attacked from multiple angles, in detail from every perspective. For example, hospitals, law enforcement, schools and parents must be equipped with the tools they need to prevent addiction. For those who have already become addicted, it is imperative that professionals dealing with detoxification, rehabilitation, and recovery have the ability to communicate with one another in order to provide each patient with the long-term help they desperately need.

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