Cognition Life Science, Inc. (CLS), announced today that it has selected Smart Science Laboratories Inc. as an FDA/ GMP manufacturer for the production of its product for Sleep Disorders. The formulation comes from the acquisition of intellectual property from Dr. Chuanhai Cao, who is a noted researcher at the College of Medicine Neurology and Assistant Professor of Cop. Department of Pharmaceutical Science at USF/Byrd Institute in Tampa, Florida. The formulation is non-narcotic.

Dr. Chuanhai Cao is one of the first scientists in the world to determine that Marijuana Compounds along with other therapeutic compounds can make a significant difference in sleep disorders like insomnia, Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD), dyssomnia and Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder (CRSD).

Sleep disorder affects tens of millions of people. Sales of both Rx and OTC products are in excess of $20 billion a year.

Cognition Life Science, Inc. is a privately held new pharmaceutical company which was formed to explore, acquire and develop proprietary formulations to treat neurodegenerative diseases, sleep disorder, mental acuity and pain management. The company establishes relationships with researchers and accredited laboratories/institutions and explores new ways to deliver existing generic compounds as well as combining natural ingredients which have been shown to be safe and effective. Certain formulations include THC.

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