AmeriVeri Can Save $6.5 Billion on U.S. Healthcare


AmeriVeri is on a mission to take a significant chunk out of the waste and errors that contribute to healthcare overspending. The company’s flagship software-as-a-service solution finds medical coding errors that would otherwise go undetected, providing a critical last line of defense against improper payments and inaccurate medical records.

“The revolution of electronic medical records has not delivered on all of its promises,” explains AmeriVeri VP of Operations Martin Amberger. “Namely, electronic records have not eliminated the problem of coding errors. Our proprietary process goes a step beyond standard adjudication processes with its Medical Necessity and Service Verification Component. The intent of the codes used is an important factor that others neglect AmeriVeri can pick out individual lines that do not warrant payment. Payers and providers can then decide how to proceed with that feedback. ”

The cost and consequences of medical coding errors go beyond a simple dollar amount. For a small practice, too much lost revenue resulting from unbilled services can lead to inefficiency and bankruptcy. Likewise, excessive errors can draw the attention of regulators or be used as evidence in malpractice cases. Physicians and hospitals thus have powerful incentives to achieve 100% accuracy, yet the rules and procedures are dynamic and complicated. AmeriVeri tackles this challenge through complete compliance with all contemporary coding standards.

From the patient’s perspective, accurate coding results in a higher quality of care. Errors in medical history can ultimately lead to improper diagnoses and treatments, which factors into the rampant overspending, not to mention leading to unsatisfactory outcomes for patients. AmeriVeri seamlessly addresses all of these dimensions.

AmeriVeri CR, LLC was founded in 2010, and fee options include Percentage of Savings and Flat Rate. The company is privately held with offices located in Greenwood, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois, and provides nationwide services in the Major Medical, Workers’ Comp and Medicaid arenas.

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