De Blasio on NYC Safety

by– Temple Li

De Blasio makes comments on New York City’s safety precautions in light of the recent ISIS video footage.

“We have a very, very substantial intelligence gathering apparatus, we work closely with our federal partners. I’m not going to go into details, because I get briefings on a regular basis, and it’s appropriate to keep those private,” he said. “I’m very confident that the situation is being handled very effectively, and I’m confident that a number of preventative measures are in place.”

Acknowledging the inability to perfectly detect and prevent all attacks, De Blasio says the following:

“We know in the age of lone wolves, there are some things that even the best intelligence services may not be able to detect. And that’s why we have a critical response command that’s ready to immediately respond to any and all incidents,” he said. “We plan for the ability to handle two dozens sites simultaneously. We don’t predict it, and God forbid that day ever comes, but the point is the city of New York is ready, with our own capacity to handle multiple sites should that moment come.”

The mayor’s overall message is that while NYC is not impermeable, it is very well protected.


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