Cuomo Responds to ISIS Threat to New York

by– Carly St. James

In a video released today, ISIS insinuates that New York is its next target. The video consists of footage of bustling New York streets, as well as an individual concealing a bomb on his person.

Cuomo responds to the footage with the following:

“I want every New Yorker to know that their security is our absolute highest priority. The video released by ISIS today contains old footage of New York, and there is no specific terrorist threat to New York at this time. After the Paris attacks, I directed state agencies to enhance their preparedness out of an abundance of caution and remain in close contact with local and federal authorities, including the FBI and NYPD through the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and that vigilance continues today. I encourage all New Yorkers to remain alert and report any suspicious activity, while at the same time not letting this disrupt their daily lives. Remember that the terrorists’ goal is to let fear win – New Yorkers never have, and we never will.”

It is unclear if the footage was taken recently, or was just compiled from random sources and released today. It is not news that ISIS does not particularly care for New York City and it seems that while every safety precaution is being taken, Cuomo and other New York officials are treating the video with a degree of nuance.


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