King of Jordan Denounces ISIS Violence

by– Carly St. James

King Abdullah II made a statement urging all Muslims to stand up against violent extremism.

He said that the “cowardly terrorist acts” are “the greatest threat to our religion”. This sentiment has been echoed by Muslims worldwide, as reports of violence against and alienation of Muslims- as result of ISIS attacks- have surfaced.

Alex Malloy, of Manhattan NEW YORK, recently reported on a cab ride experience the night of the Paris attacks. When he got into his cab, he reports, the cab driver began to cry; he looked at him and said, “thank you.” Malloy had been the first person to stay in the cab after seeing that the driver was Muslim. The full story can be seen in the tweet below.

Individual Muslims have been denouncing ISIS on social media, since news of the terrorist gang first surfaced. Whether or not the additional outspoken support of Muslim leaders in the anti-ISIS movement will help deter new individuals from turning to extremism remains to be seen. For now, the message stands clear that Jordan will not be a safe harbor for ISIS.



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