Adel Termos

Adel Termos: The Suicide Hero

by– Carly St. James


Spider-Man versus the Green Goblin. Batman versus the Dark Knight. We’ve glorified it since the beginning of time: Good vs Evil. The enlightened among us will argue, “It’s all subjective. We are always good and They are always evil.” For the sake of this article- nothing is subjective. Let’s go on a little journey.


Beirut, November 12th, 2015. Two ISIS suicide bombers stake out and attack a funeral in an open market in Lebanon. The first bomb goes off killing 43 and mangling hundreds. There is a second bomb; it has yet to detonate, but it will. Adel Termos, a father of two, sees the second suicide bomber strapped and ready to explode. In a moment’s decision, Termos launches himself upon the attacker. The tackle detonates the bomb, killing both Termos and the ISIS terrorist, but saving hundreds of others.


What do we have here? We have one man- two men actually- who voluntarily kill themselves so that they may destroy and kill others; and we have one man, Adel Termos, who voluntarily, even desperately, sacrifices his own life to preserve and cherish the lives of others. We have the Suicide Bombers and we have the Suicide Hero. We have exceptionally evil and the exceptionally good.


Both classes of men have one thing in common- they are willing to dispense of themselves. What differentiates them is their binary reasoning. The former thinks that life (or, better said, specific lives) are so worthy of being destroyed that he is happy to give his life to that end; the latter thinks that life is so precious that he is- not happy, but- willing to give of his own life to protect them. The former sees it as an predestined honor- the latter, a spontaneous duty.


So often, we are led to fear the attacker: keep an eye out for the attacker; don’t underestimate the enemy. Well today, let Mr. Termos’ actions urge you to look for the hero. Look for the helper in the story, and if you have it in you, be the one helps.


In a world full of suicide bombers and individuals hell-bent on destruction, we need the Suicide Hero. We need him, not just to save our lives, but to preserve our hope. We need the men and women who take bold actions that scream, “life is worth saving!” When they fight to protect life, they are also working to protect its sanctity.
May Adel Termos and all those whose lives were lost during the recent ISIS attacks rest peacefully.


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