Empire State News published this article on the date of its new-image launch, November 15, 2015 (after 13 years of daily news publications) – to immediately demonstrate its new commitment to a balance of straight news coverage with no-holds-bar editorials. It’s interesting to see that we were right on target. Below is the article:

Donald Trump took a one million dollar loan from his father and turned it into a $10 Billion net worth empire. That’s a mammoth mathematical increase that is unmatched in business. Which leads us to number 29 on our list of reasons why to vote for Donald Trump.

#29 – TRUMP’S BUSINESS SUCCESSES – The Donald has massive accomplishments over several different business fields. Via his first career path, he became one of the greatest real estate developers in the history of the United States. From there, he successfully restructured and developed numerous businesses associated with real estate purchases, such as hotels, housing and casinos. This has extended into an entire Trump brand that includes: Trump Productions, Donald J. Trump Signature Collection (clothing and watches), Trump Model Management, Trump University, Trump Restaurants, Trump Catering, Trump Golf, Trump Chocolate, Trump Sales and Leasing, Trump Shuttle, Trump Ice Cream Parlor, Trump Vodka, Trump Ice, Trump Steaks, Trump Home Furnishings, GoTrump (a travel agency), Trump: The Game, and even Donald J. Trump: The Fragrance – the man apparently even smells good! Probably one of the reasons why he was able to successfully purchase and propel the Miss USA Pageant. Beyond this, Donald Trump is a monstrous best-selling author. And, oh, he is the creator and star of one of the all-time highest rated and most profitable TV shows, “The Apprentice.” His monumental successes in these widely diverse areas of business mean that the man has the ability to work in tandem – more so as the boss – with numerous very high-level entrepreneurs, business leaders, Hollywood executives and top publishers, and politicos. He knows how to negotiate and effectuate deals with people of all types of backgrounds, styles, personalities and egos. This translates into him being the person best suited to negotiate with the varied world leaders. Simply, he knows how to accomplish the highest level of transactions – and he is earnest with his views, while at the same time never allowing himself (or those who he cares for) to be pushed around. He will do the pushing for the people of the United States (that’s who he cares for), and execute the deals that will make America great again.

#28 – HE WILL BOMB THE SH$T OUT OF ISIS – Barack Obama initially likened ISIS to a high school junior varsity team. Like most matters, the Barackster was wrong. At this point, ISIS is likely the greatest terrorist organization that the world faces. At a recent speech in Iowa just a day before the Paris terrorist attacks, Trump advised that he would bomb the sh$t out of ISIS. Well, although we shouldn’t be hawkish and indiscriminately entering and perpetuating wars, bombing the sh$t out of ISIS is exactly what the U.S. needs to do. We need a leader who is willing to take this necessary action, in full force and not in just hitting a few isolated targets. And I don’t give a sh$t that Trump used the word sh$t. Screw the political correctness.

#27 – THERE IS NO REVEREND WRIGHT IN THE PICTURE – Jeremiah Wright, a racist minister from Chicago, once said “[The United States] government lied about their belief that all men were created equal.  The truth is, they believed all white men were created equal.”  In his infamous “God damn America” rant, he pounded his church podium, and proclaimed, “The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people.  God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.”  His list of insane rhetoric goes on and on. Barack Obama, as a presidential candidate, and previously for years as a U.S. senator, Illinois state senator, and Chicago community organizer, was a longstanding member of Wright’s church. Obama and his wife, Michelle, met Wright in the early 1980 s and were weekly sermon attendees for over two decades. They not only listened religiously to Wright’s hateful rhetoric toward Caucasians, but were married by the minister, who later also baptized their children. Uh, does anyone else see a problem with this incredibly close personal relationship?…Well, Donald Trump has no such sordid religious or “mentor” relationships. He’s simply a good Christian, who follows God’s word and utilizes his own thoughts.

#26 – BERNIE SANDERS – It’s highly unlikely that the Bern-man will become the Democratic nominee, but with all of Hillary Clinton’s problems, it’s possible. Sanders is a self-avowed socialist (and probably really a communist). The dude is just frightening. Trump over Sanders by a landslide isn’t even a strong enough demand.

#25 – PROTECTION OF SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS – Trump has stated, “The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period”…Allow me to provide some clarity: PERIOD.

#24 – HOT, SMART WOMEN – Trump’s wife is great-looking and smart, which means he has good taste. His daughter is wickedly intelligent and hot, which means he has good genes. This obviously has merit.

#23 – SMASHES THOSE WHO ATTACK HIM – Repeatedly, the man has advised that “if you’re nice to me, I will be nice to you.” If people attack Donald Trump, however, he will hit them back with a verbal hacksaw. I like this in a guy.

#22 – WILL HELP SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – Consistently, the Obaminator has been trying to sham small businesses into believing that he’s helping them with tax packages, grants and other magical dust and derivatives. Really, he has heaped trillions into the large financial institutions, the biggest of auto manufacturers, and the giant insurance companies. With regard to small business owners, other than minority groups, he has just taken a big dump on them…Trump has promised to cleanse this trend, with a tax and business plan that is very favorable to the backbone of America, small business owners.

#21 – MARTIN O’MALLEY – The former governor of Maryland seems like a reasonably intelligent man, but he holds most of the usual idiotic liberal views. Even though he has just a smidgeon of a shot of obtaining the D nod, he’s worth being concerned about – Trump definitively is the choice way ahead of this semi-southern progressive.

#20 – OPPOSES OBAMACARE – One of the worst pieces of legislation enacted in the history of the United States, ObamaCare is not only unconstitutional (regardless of what five people on the Supreme Court say), it is a massive step toward socialism, if not communism. This forced insurance bill, which eliminates patients’ ability to choose their own physicians is opposed by the vast majority of Americans. I get the idea that we elect public officials to vote on our behalf, but when your constituents are loudly screaming – en masse – that they hate what you’ve done, wouldn’t it be prudent to step away from your arrogance and give them what they want? Well, this bum (I mean, “Bam”) won’t repeal it on his own executive order. Trump ensures he will use every effort from the executive side, working with Congress, to terminate this awful legislation – and it can indeed be done.

#19 – ACTIVELY SEEKS AID FOR VETERANS – Donald Trump has created a multi-point plan to reform the Veterans Administration (commonly known as the VA), as an effort to benefit the scores of disabled vets largely ignored by the Obama Administration. Trump stated, “The current state of the Department of Veterans Affairs is absolutely unacceptable. Over 300,000 veterans died waiting for care. Corruption and incompetence were excused. Politicians in Washington have done too little too slowly to fix it. This situation can never happen again.” Trump promises to fix this dire situation, wherein his plan “will decrease wait times, improve healthcare outcomes, and facilitate a seamless transition from service into civilian life”…Bravo.

#18 – TRUMP IS FROM NEW YORK – The Donald is New York through and through. This is Empire State News – so being a home grown New Yorker is definitely a bonus!

#17 – JEB BUSH – He seems like a nice guy and definitely is an intelligent, thoughtful man. Also, he did fine economic and other work in Florida. I did like his father and brother as presidents. But this is translating into an American aristocracy. It’s way too dangerous to have that many members of the same immediate family be President of the United States. Jeb is the ultimate establishment candidate, and we need to get as far away from that as possible.

#16 – MARCO RUBIO – Might as well continue with the Florida, establishment guys. Rubio is one hell of a speaker – and debater. He’s smooth and polished, but he’s almost Hollywood and plastic. I think he actually could be a robot. I like him as a U.S. Senator, but not U.S. President. At least not right now. And let’s not forget that he’s a Bush protégé, so no matter what he currently argues, he’s total establishment. Let’s see where he’s at several years down the line.

#15 – AFFIRMATIVE ACTION – I would like to finally live in a country where there is complete equality. Where there are no quotas. Where one race or class of people are not afforded better government opportunities over another. If I lived during the years where slavery was legal, I would have died as an abolitionist to end that despicable practice. If I lived in the 1950s and 1960s, I probably would’ve marched with Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights movement. But guess what—it’s over. Blacks and other minorities no longer face the discrimination that they suffered in the past. Today, whites are the subjects of discriminatory practices. And minorities are still provided favorable treatment from the government—in education, jobs and elsewhere. That means that we’re not all treated equally. And since Obama, the current President of the United States, is a proponent of affirmative action – the practice of unfairly affording benefits to minorities over non-minorities – he’s the primary culprit in perpetuating separatism and divide among Americans…I believe that Donald Trump, as President of the United States, would propel legislation to overturn all affirmative action measures.

#14 – TAKES ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA – It doesn’t matter who it is…If anyone in the media attacks Trump or misrepresents what he says, he verbally smashes them. he doesn’t cower or cater to news hosts, reporters, commentators, and pundits like many other politicos do. That’s refreshing.

#13 – ISRAEL – It just doesn’t seem that our current president is supportive of Israel. And since they’re our greatest ally in the very troubled Middle East, that’s disconcerting. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is very supportive of Israel. He gets how important this relationship is to America.

#12 – ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT – Donald Trump is the ultimate anti-establishment leader. He is self-funding his presidential campaign and is a puppet to no one. Still, he can get along with – and negotiate with – anyone. At the end of the day, he’s going to do what his conscience tells him, and not a group of behind-the-scenes political bosses or donors. This is truly important – and impressive.

#11 – JOHN KASICH – What’s up with all this guy’s twitches? That aside, it’s noted that he’s got a ton of political experience and substantial expertise as both a governor and former congressman. But he’s a total moderate.

#10 – CAPITALISM – Donald T is the ultimate capitalist. Socialism and communism never work – and this is the sad path that Obama has been sending America down. Trump will reverse this process, putting us back on track for the American Dream, which capitalism is central thereof.

#9 – HOLLYWOOD – The cinema elite and their silly gaggle of uninformed, outspoken actors are going nuts about the prospect of a Trump presidency. Just seeing these whining usual suspects get so bent out of shape is a gratifying guilty pleasure.

#8 – WON’T BOW TO ANOTHER WORLD LEADER – Barackster did this. How embarrassing…Trump would never do this.

#7 – BEN CARSON – No doubt, the doctor is a mad smart man, and he has culminated a list of highly impressive accomplishments in his renowned medical career. But the dude swung a hammer at his mother and tried to stab one his friends. I don’t care if he did it in his teenage years; it’s a form of pathology that isn’t acceptable for the President of the United States. This isn’t a “boys will be boys” street fight. When weapons (and not just fists) are used – and on top of it, against family and friends – that’s beyond being a tough dude and is unnerving. It’s Carson’s finger that I don’t want on the button. Still, he’d be a fine surgeon general.

#6 – THE APPRENTICE – Come on, what a great show! And The Boss, Trump, created and starred in it.

#5 – CHINA – Very few Americans realize this – and only a small amount of top political leaders talk about this: China is our greatest foreign economic concern. Trump is an expert in trade policy, and he realizes this very daunting problem. The man has been talking about it for years. Speaking about U.S.–China trade reform, Trump said, “America has always been a trading nation. Under the Trump administration trade will flourish. However, for free trade to bring prosperity to America, it must also be fair trade. Our goal is not protectionism but accountability. America fully opened its markets to China but China has not reciprocated. Its Great Wall of Protectionism uses unlawful tariff and non-tariff barriers to keep American companies out of China and to tilt the playing field in their favor. If you give American workers a level playing field, they will win. At its heart, this plan is a negotiating strategy to bring fairness to our trade with China. The results will be huge for American businesses and workers. Jobs and factories will stop moving offshore and instead stay here at home. When Donald J. Trump is president, China will be on notice that America is back in the global leadership business and that their days of currency manipulation and cheating are over. We will cut a better deal with China that helps American businesses and workers compete” …Balls to the wall of China: love it!

#4 – HILLARY CLINTON – Umm…What else needs to be said?

#3 – IMMIGRATION – There has been no more outspoken presidential (or other) candidate against illegal immigration than Donald J. Trump. To correct the record, the gentleman does not oppose legal immigration. He opposes illegal immigration. He has an actual plan to remediate the ills that illegal immigration has wrought about America. First, build a wall. It’s not too expensive, he correctly argues. China has a wall that is substantially longer than the wall that we need at our southern borders. If China did it countless years ago, the U.S. can build it today. Thereafter, we must fervently monitor the wall…Trump’s position to deport the 11 million illegals is not absurd; conversely, it is quite reasonable. He allots for their ability to return to America – legally. Families need not be torn apart in carrying out the deportations. The illegal aliens’ children can go with their parents, as what kind of parents would leave their children behind?…Trump recognizes that a significant reason for our joblessness woes (and corresponding economic troubles) are the direct result of illegal immigrants’ presence in the United States. Also, he sees through the Democrats’ compassion façade: the true reason they argue for amnesty is just to shore up a greater block of votes.

#2 – THE ECONOMY – Plainly, the economy stinks under Obama. From the get-go, he blamed President George W. Bush for an inherited mess. My apologies, but we’re seven years into the Obama presidency! His “bad inheritance” claim lost luster, if it had any, long ago. Obama simply cannot rejuvenate the economy. Trump, for the many reasons enunciated above, can – simply, we need a man of his abilities, experiences and guts to make America’s economy great again.

#1 – ABORTION – Regardless of the economic crisis facing the United States and abroad, abortion – the systematic mass murder of human beings – remains the most important issue that mankind faces. It can’t be otherwise, because nothing is more crucial than saving lives. Any pro-life person regards the termination of abortion as his/her primary moral and political focus. Hillary Clinton and the small swath of Democrat potentials are pro-choice (i.e. – anti-life). We need a pro-life president. Trump fits that bill.
Donald Trump is the president that America needs to immediately become great again. That’s part of his slogan – and I believe it is indeed true.


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