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Guest movie review:
Scavenger Killers wins the hunt as
craziest horror-comedy


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Senators urge DOJ to grant New York a medical marijuana waiver

Consumer alert about scam targeting schools across New York, other states

NY officials urge US DOT to “fix” train safety issues

Gaming selection board expected to announce sites in a month

Latest round of crude oil rail inspection results revealed

Comptroller finds opportunities for improved NYPD hate crimes reporting

Cuomo meets with New York troops in Afghanistan

Man killed in Long Island shooting

More than fifty summonses issued at motorcycle safety checkpoint

Fallen NYPD officer laid to rest

Cuomo maintains huge lead over Astorino even as favorability and performance ratings hit new lows

Settlement reached with health care company that provided substandard service to jail inmates in 13 NY counties

Owner of lost horse charged with neglect 

Governors sign memorandum of understanding to increase security for New York and New Jersey

Department of Health confirms statewide spread of enterovirus-D68  

Contractor sentenced for defrauding state of over $360,000

State unemployment rate drops slightly in August

State's cash position is strong, says comptroller

Proposed five-year MTA capital plan continues payroll tax

FERC to hold conference to review capacity zone

$1.6 billion in federal Sandy-relief funding for Long Island

Statewide "Combat Heroin" campaign launched

Consumer alert on ticket scams ahead of Derek Jeter's final games

Police officer critically injured after suspect flees

State's economy adds 3,900 private sector jobs in august; unemployment rate drops to 6.4%

Crash kills one NYPD officer, injures several others

Bill to award Medal of Honor to WWI vet clears senate; Albany resident denied honor because of race

Cuomo Designates Climate Week from September 22-28

Two major narcotics pipelines taken down

New law protests young children from harmful chemical found in consumer products

Senators seeks safeguards for NY steel company

Westchester businessman, linked to Cuomo, indicted

Westchester lawyer charged with stealing from clients to fund lavish lifestyle

NYISO report says the state’s bulk power system is reliable, but faces challenges

DEP to build hydroelectric plant at Cannonsville Reservoir

Guilty verdict in Albany murder trial

Repeat sexual offender gets 50 years to life

$55 million for new technology awarded through NYSUNY 2020 challenge grant program

Senators call for investigations into unfair imports from China they say are hurting NY business

Pedestrian killed in Suffolk County  

Horse owners should vaccinate their horses against diseases

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